Android development Tools

There are lots of tools available in android which boost your android development we will discuss all of them in brief but before let us list those tools
Android Emulator

1)   Android SDK and AVD Manager
2)   Android Emulator
3)   Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS)
4)   Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
5)   Android Hierarchy Viewer

Directory Structure of Android Application

When you create new android project from eclipse editor you found that there are lots of directories created for android application lets us understand all these directory.

Execution Flow of Android Application

As a Beginner You need to know the execution flow of your android application. to understand the basic execution flow of android  we are  considering the hello world example.

About Android Platform

Android Handset runs a Linux operating system as background and upon which android application runs. Each application runs in separate process in Dalvik virtual machine for each application an instance of Dalvik virtual machine is created.

Android TextView

TextView Control

As an Android Beginner your first step for android development start from the TextView Control. TextView Control Display the Text or paragraph in the mobile screen. TextView Does not allow to change its content

What is Android ?

Android is an operating system used to develop mobile operating system. 
android is an open source operating system developed on linux.  android uses the kernel of linux to to access the hardware.

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